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You can't be in two places at once and therefore it is not easy to keep tabs on the personnel you have working for you and produce more business. When building your business you will need to attend conferences, meetings, training courses and seminars plus carry out the many other vital roles that keep you from the workplace and it is impossible to keep track on your employee's while you are not there. You want to create a more profitable organization but who can you trust to keep an eye on your employees?

Private Investigators Hull contain the solution to your situation. We have a lot of customers who are also entrepreneurs like you, who have had the same problem as you. Over the many years we have been in the business we have provided them with our employee monitoring services executed by our skilled and highly qualified private investigators to you the info you need.

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As one of the top private detective services in the UK, Private Investigators Hull get a lot of calls on a daily basis from many people requesting the services of our detectives, each one of them having a different problem they need help with. One such call came from a potential client wanting to arrange a meeting in our office in Hull, after which he would further disclose the nature of his predicament. The client came into our office into our office in Hull, and presented his case to us. Word had gotten around that some of the employees who worked in a burger van were eating the food and being rude to customers. The client wanted to consult with us, and to see what would be our solution to the problem at hand. First, we assured him that he had come to the right people with his problem, and that we had a lot of experience solving cases like his. He was told that in situations like the one he presented us with, the usual method of investigation would be to have our investigator equipped with body-worn cameras through which we would be able to monitor the with the employees as they pretended to be the customers. The cameras would be hidden, so that none of the employees would know about them.

Employee Monitoring in Hull

Our client listened to us carefully, and decided he was interested in our services. On our end, Private Investigators Hull presented him with our conditions under which the investigation would be carried out, and the financial aspect of the job. He understood what was said to him, what his obligations were, and hired us. Private Investigators Hull could then move on to the next stage, which was preparation, and after that, the execution of the investigation. Our private investigators started the undercover recording the next day. They visited the burger shop several times, and a lot of the times the employees there were extremely rude, and also, some of their manners didn't meet the hygiene standards required to work with food. Over the course of next several days, by viewing the recorded footage, it was determined that the employees committed a number of offences. Once Private Investigators Hull made sure that they had enough evidence, they decided it was time to conclude the case and arrange for one final meeting with our client.

Our client was able to come into the Private Investigators Hull offices the next day. Our private detectives then presented him with the recorded evidence of our encounter with his employees. The client was outraged with the way his employees were treating the customers and the van. He decided to take appropriate action against them. He was satisfied with the way our investigators handled the case and promised he would recommend us to anyone who might similar detective services in Hull. Surely enough, our agency did receive some calls and arranged the meetings for more clients requesting detective services in Hull.

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