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If you have dropped and smashed your phone or if it has stopped working while you were in the middle of doing something then you will have felt the annoyance and how aggravating it is. Loosing access to information from your organization or from your personal information can be costly and annoying. Private Investigators Hull supply services which can help you get back your data and in some cases repair your broken phone.

If this has happened to you then bring your phone to us and our skilled phone forensic team will give you all of the retrievable data that could be restored to you mobile phone. Our private detectives use the best and most modern equipment available to extract missing data, take away malware and bugs and provide precautionary security features that could be placed on phone.

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Private Investigators Hull are able to help clients with any problem they might have, as long as it can be solved by our team of highly experienced private investigators, some of which a background in law enforcement, and hundreds of successfully solved cases under their belt. Whether you need surveillance, providing security for your home, locating missing persons, background checks and even lie detector tests, our capable teams are standing by. Private Investigators Hull also has a PC and Phone Forensics Department in addition to standard private detective services. Needless, with those teams combined, our agency can cover a wide variety of cases, which can vary in their nature and volume. Private Investigators Hull was contacted by a woman who was in need of our services, more specifically, she need the services of our Phone Forensics department. Our agency scheduled a meeting a few days later. The client was able to come in on time. She was a woman, who believed that her ex-boyfriend had bugged her phone and was monitoring her conversations. She suspected this, because her ex-boyfriend had way to much information about her new life, information that were private, which he couldn't have been able to obtain otherwise. So she thought he bugged her phone and listened in on her phone conversations. Private Investigators Hull Phone Forensics department presented the client with a possible solution. The solution would be to have our Phone Forensics team check her phone for spyware installed by her ex-boyfriend. She was content with the suggestions our experts made, but she wanted to know the financial side of things. Private Investigators Hull Phone Forensics team presented her with the costs of the investigation. She looked over the numbers, along with our terms and conditions, and agreed to hire us, seeing as she could afford, and living a normal life depended on it.

Phone Forensics in Hull

She left the phone to our Phone forensics expert, who was able to start working on short notice. They routinely performed the check on our client's phone and immediately they were able to find spyware, installed probably by our client's ex-boyfriend. Using specialized software, our experts were able the uninstall the spyware and clean our client's phone, making sure that she could use her phone safely at any time and her calls wouldn't be monitored by anyone. Concluding the case, Private Investigators Hull Phone Forensics called our client to inform her that our experts were successful and to arrange for a final meeting at our agency

The woman came in the next day, seeing as she needed her phone which had all her contacts in it. Our Phone Forensics experts gave her the phone back, and explained the procedures they followed and the software they used to give the client a better idea about the work we put in on her case. She very happy Private Investigators Hull Phone Forensics helped her and she could now lead a normal life, without the fear of being of phone conversations being listened in on.

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